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For over two decades, Toronto Polaris Prize longlisted electronic duo LAL, comprised of Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray, have built a catalogue of silvery, internationally-influenced electronica that insists that the dancefloor remain a place of resistance. In the process, they’ve become the backbone of Toronto’s sprawling DIY scene, nurturing and propping up a multi-generational group of artists.

Recorded in the early months of 2020, Meteors Could Come Down (2020) finds LAL looking inward, examining the intricacies of their own relationship to understand how to provide care to their community. Experimenting with minimalism and a concise inventory of sounds, the record explores the potential for open space offered through drums and voice—dually centering on the richly dynamic textures of Kazi’s vocals and Nicholas Murray’s skilled ear for world-building through silvery synths and drum beats—to hold a great deal of emotive weight.

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Meteors Could Come Down (2020)

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Meteors Could Come Down (2022)
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