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An indie pop band from Athens, Georgia with a unique personality, Nana Grizol marry the cheerfully lackadaisical sound of slacker-informed bands like Pavement with the bent yet engaging psychedelic pop of the Elephant 6 collective, all filtered through the lyrical worldview of vocalist and songwriter Theo Hilton. Incorporating a queer sensibility into his tales of life in the American South, Hilton’s songs are deeply personal, alternately playful and introspective in their depiction of joy and outrage, and the use of a large, horn-enhanced ensemble adds to the drama and tonal color of his music.


Nana Grizol introduced the low-budget spectacle of their music to the world on 2008’s Love It Love It, with the band gaining a new level of confidence and dynamics on 2017’s Ursa Minor and political commentary on 2020’s South Somewhere Else. – Mark Demi, Rovi

Latest Release
Dancing Dogs (2022)

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Dancing Dogs (2022)
Album – Vinyl + Digital