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Old Dark House

Andrew Crawshaw (aka Meridian Arc) and Corey J. Brewer have come together to make music as Old Dark House. This is great news, as these Seattle musicians have proved themselves to be masters of suspenseful cinematic ambience and subliminal rhythmic sorcery. Crawshaw has hosted the Depths night at Substation, at which he and other musicians create new soundtracks for cult-classic films. Brewer famously crafted an alternate score for Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”, which he performed at Northwest Film Forum in 2017. As ODH, the duo have recorded their debut album Welcome Home (2021) with another excellent film-music head, Erik Blood, mixing. – Dave Segal, The Stranger

Latest Release
Welcome Home (2021)

Music + Merch

Welcome Home (2021)
Album – Digital + Vinyl

Welcome Home Tee

Welcome Home Glow in the Dark Tee


“At Dusk” (2022)

“Helga Ulmann Speaks” (2022)