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ONONOS is a mangled dark disco experience led by composer and producer, Ross Marshall and vocalist and composer Marcus Wilson, based in Seattle. Described as “Pulsing, sexy future-synth” by The Stranger, ONONOS’ sound and aesthetic expand upon elements of synth-punk, mutant-disco, no-wave, and post-punk dance music.


They often cover bands like the Screamers, Devo, Tones on Tail, and Bad Brains, and filter them through their synth damage. ONONOS strives to make their live performances a scintillating multimedia experience; incorporating striking visuals, elaborate costumes, and damaged dance-anthems for a haunted alien discotheque.

Latest Release
ONONOS (2022)


ONONOS (2022)
Album – Digital + Vinyl


“High Rise” (2022)