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Scott Yoder - You'll Never Know (Music Video)

Release date TBD

Album Track List

  1. Love Theme From “How’s It Gonna End?”
  2. Sugar On Your Lips
  3. You’ll Never Know
  4. Silver Screen Starlet
  5. Iris
  6. Cloaked In Night
  7. “How’s It Gonna End?” Reprise
  8. Hidden Hand
  9. Gold In The Hills
  10. No Longer A Part
  11. Wither On The Vine
  12. Finale From “How’s It Gonna End?”
  13. Fallen To The Forest Floor


Garage-pop, glitter-folk

For Fans Of:

Lemon Twigs, Brian Eno and The Unicorns or The African Queen, Paris Texas, and Sunset Boulevard

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Emerging from the wreckage of his childhood band The Pharmacy, Scott Yoder arrived clad in a black cloak, stomping to the beat of his own sparkling tambourine. Over the course of two LPs and a half a dozen singles he has toured the world, espousing a more personal distillation of his song craft.


Nearly always on the road, he has honed his live act with a crunching, yet sensitive backing band of similarly-inclined misfits. This glitter-folk balladeer, adorned in mascara and bell bottoms invites you to sway to his entrancing charm.


Director Daniel Onufer describes the upcoming music video for single “You’ll Never Know” as, “Animation inspired by the yellow submarine as the track reminded him of a Rolling Stones song from the 60s.”

Upcoming Tour Dates:

3/24 – Le Voyeur | Olympia, WA
3/25 – Rialto | Bozeman, MT
3/26 – Taube Museum Of Art | Minot, ND
3/27 – Nameless Cave | Rapid City, SD
3/28 – Replay Lounge | Lawrence, KS
3/29 – Club Sandwich  | Kansas City
3/30 – The Lift | Des Moines
3/31 – Eagle’s | Minneapolis
4/1 – Mickey’s | Madison, WI
4/2 – Promises | Milwaukee
4/3 – Cole’s | Chicago
4/4 – Outer Limits Lounge | Detroit
4/5 – The Happy Dog | Cleveland
4/7 – TV Eye | Brooklyn

4/8 – Fuzzy Cactus | Richmond, VA
4/9 – Alley Cat | Greenville, NC

4/10 – The Milestone | Charlotte, NC
4/11 – Fleetwood’s | Asheville, NC
4/12 – Star Bar | Atlanta, GA
4/13 – The Walrus | Jacksonville, FL
4/14 – Anderson’s | Miami, FL
4/15 – Propaganda | Lake Worth, FL
4/16 – Will’s Pub | Orlando, FL
4/17 – Bar At 805 | Huntsville, AL
4/18 – Alabama Music Box | Mobile, AL
4/20 – Intracoastal Club | Houma, LA
4/22 – Pee-Wee’s Punkhouse | San Antonio, TX
4/23 – Mona Bar Of Modern Art | El Paso, TX
4/26 – Hotel Congress | Tucson, AZ
4/27 – Footsie’s | Los Angeles, CA
4/29 – The Shanty Tavern | Eureka, CA
5/11 – Cherry Pit | Seattle, WA


“Visually, he evokes the glam of T. Rex and “Aladdin Sane”-era David Bowie while being more on par musically with the brooding genius of Brian Wilson.” – Purehoney Magazine


“This new project is a complete turn into a darker, more Bryan Ferry type of territory. Scott wore a vampire-esque cape complete with silky white gloves and haunted the room, constantly meeting eyes with audience members. I dug it. Would see again.” – Three Imaginary Girls


“A punch-drunk ode to cosmic love; one that you’ll want to leave repeating on your turntable.” – KEXP


“Loud, sexy, witchy, visceral, and rocking as shit.” Respect My Region


“Strong and personable, casting a spell over you that continues to buzz about your head.” – The Grey Estates


“No matter what the sound the songwriting remains the strongest part of Scott’s work” – Clunk Magazine