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Scott Yoder -  Scooter Pie

Release Date: January 8,2024

Scott Yoder on Cruisin Records


“The Guttersnipe”

Release date: 11/3/2023


“Sing Your Broken Song”
Release date: 12/01/2023

Track List:

  1. Half-Lived Phantasy
  2. Sing Your Broken Song
  3. The Guttersnipe
  4. Sweet Breath of Love
  5. Canopy of Night
  6. No Surprise
  7. Good Gone
  8. Too Foolish
  9. Who Killed The Lights?
  10. Hole Heart
  11. Cold Shoulder
  12. Mind of A Child


Garage-pop, glitter-folk

For Fans Of:

Lemon Twigs, Brian Eno and The Unicorns or The African Queen, Paris Texas, and Sunset Boulevard

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It may seem foolish to pursue a life of music in these times but Scott has never been one to shy away from his inner fool. Returning in ’24 with a fantastical new collection of songs on “Scooter Pie.” According to Purehoney Magazine “he evokes the glam of T. Rex and ‘Aladdin Sane’-era David Bowie while being more on par musically with the brooding genius of Brian Wilson.” This sonic journey is aided by a group of musicians that include long time collaborator Bryant Moore of The True Loves, Carolyn B. of Mt Fog and legendary cellist Lori Goldston.

Scott’s journey into the more theatrical elements of his music has taken him across the world over the past few years. Several tours of Europe and North America have followed each of his 3 previous albums; most years he’s onstage one out of every three days. He has shared bills with the likes of Kevin Morby, A Place To Bury Strangers, Roky Erickson, Shannon & The Clams, Death Valley Girls, King Khan & BBQ Show and many more. Festivals include Capitol Hill Block Party, SXSW, Meltasia, Treefort, Happy Sundays & Lose Yr Mind. His performance has been described as “loud, sexy, witchy and visceral” by Respect My Region.
Clunk Magazine has said “No matter what the sound the songwriting remains the strongest part of Scott’s work.” These twelve sweet and crunchy garage pop tracks will transport you from the otherworldly loneliness of interstellar travel in “Sing Your Broken Song” to the wayward path of a lost vagabond in “The Guttersnipe.” “Scooter Pie” is a one of a kind statement by a committed artist and proud weirdo. We hope that you savor this record.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

9/9 – Belltown Yacht Club (Seattle, WA)

9/13 – Monk’s (Missoula, MT)

9/14 – Kirk’s (Billings, MT)

9/15 – Blue Rider (Minot, ND)

9/16 – Rhythm Records (Bismarck, ND)

9/17 – Nameless Cave (Rapid City, SD)

9/18 – Kirby’s Beer Store (Wichita, KS)

9/19 – Replay (Lawrence, KS)

9/20 – Hillsiders (Kansas City, MO)

9/21 – Des Moines, IA

9/22 – Octopus (Cedar Falls, IA)

9/23 – Hook & Ladder (Minneapolis, MN)

9/24 – Mickeys (Madison, WI)

9/25 – UFO Museum (Green Bay, WI)

9/26 – Missfits (Appleton, WI)

9/27 – Promises (Milwaukee, WI)

9/28 – Cole’s Bar (Chicago, IL)

9/29 – UFO Factory (Detroit, MI)

9/30 – Mothership (Mansfield, OH)

10/1 – Happy Dog (Cleveland, OH)

10/2 – Tinker Street Cinema (Woodstock, NY)

10/3 – Gold Sounds (Brooklyn, NY)

10/4 – Upstairs at Abbysinia (Philadelphia, PA)

10/5 – ESO Arts (Lancaster, PA)

10/6 – Alley Kat (Greenville, NC)

10/7 – Fleetwood’s (Asheville, NC)

10/8 – Star Bar (Atlanta, GA)

10/9 – Dreamhouse (Savannah, GA)

10/10 – The Walrus (Jacksonville, FL)

10/11 – Bar Nancy (Miami, FL)

10/12 – Kill Your Idol (Miami Beach, FL)

10/13 – Wills Pub (Orlando, FL)

10/14 – The Bends (Tampa, FL)

10/15 – Loosey’s (Gainesville, FL)

10/16 – Tallahassee, FL

10/17 – Handle Bar (Pensacola, FL)

10/18 – Alabama Music Box (Mobile, AL)

10/19 – The Sanctuary (Montgomery, AL)

10/20 – Bar at 805 (Huntsville, AL)

10/21 – Lamplighter (Memphis, TN)

10/22 – (Nashville, TN)

10/23 – Cherry St Tavern (Chattanooga, TN)

10/24 – Switchyard (Hattiesburg, MS)

10/25 – Santos (New Orleans, LA)

10/26 – Onyx (Baton Rouge, LA)

10/27 – Intracoastal Club (Houma, LA)

10/28 – Houston, TX

10/29 – PeeWee’s Punkhouse (San Antonio, TX)

10/30 – 13th Floor (Austin, TX)

10/31 – Wronside (Lubbock, TX)

11/1 – Las Cruces, NM

11/2 – Mona Bar Of Modern Art (El Paso, TX)

11/3 – Artist Abbey (Truth Or Consequences,NM)

11/4 – Albuquerque, NM

11/5 – Santa Fe, NM

11/6 – (Colorado Springs, CO)

11/7 – The Crypt (Denver, CO)

11/8 – Grand Junction, CO

11/9 – (Salt Lake City, UT)

11/10 – CLRB (Boise, ID)

11/11 – The Fixin’ To (Portland, OR)

11/12 – Spanish Ballroom (Tacoma, WA)


“Visually, he evokes the glam of T. Rex and “Aladdin Sane”-era David Bowie while being more on par musically with the brooding genius of Brian Wilson.” – Purehoney Magazine


“This new project is a complete turn into a darker, more Bryan Ferry type of territory. Scott wore a vampire-esque cape complete with silky white gloves and haunted the room, constantly meeting eyes with audience members. I dug it. Would see again.” – Three Imaginary Girls


“A punch-drunk ode to cosmic love; one that you’ll want to leave repeating on your turntable.” – KEXP


“Loud, sexy, witchy, visceral, and rocking as shit.” Respect My Region


“Strong and personable, casting a spell over you that continues to buzz about your head.” – The Grey Estates


“No matter what the sound the songwriting remains the strongest part of Scott’s work” – Clunk Magazine