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Seaside Tryst

Brewing below the blanket of the Pacific Northwest sky, Seaside Tryst is bringing a colorful pastiche to moody indie dance music.


Raised in a place called Horsepasture, Virginia, Avery Kanode was inundated with the twangy syncopations of traveling Southern Baptist revival tours from birth. Yearning to clap on the 2s and 4s, he would seize any opportunity to soak in the secular soundtracks heard at chili cook-offs, backwoods pageants and dance recitals.


There had to be a brave wide world outside the Blue Ridge Mountains, so he found himself in the Emerald City of Seattle, working sweaty dance parties to fund his early transition and collecting friends along the way to form the garage pop sensation: Seaside Tryst.


Seaside Tryst is more than a dramatic way of saying “sex on the beach”. Infectious melodies, angular guitars and pulsating synths keep crowds moving at live shows in goth clubs and gay bars alike.


Avery’s voice floats atop a dusky cocktail of synth-pop and post-punk with tales of small-town escape and queer heartbreak. Songs set sail on synthesizers and samples controlled by Frankie Champagne. Their airy back-up vocals provide a soft landing for lyrical gut-punches. Ryan Pangilinan’s raw driving bass equally calls upon his days in the PNW hardcore scene as his disco vinyl gigs. The shy, handsome strongman in the back propelling the band with the dynamism that only live drums can provide is Jesse Peoples.


This foursome is a tight-knit chosen family woven together by a mutual interest in glittery pop, men in eyeliner and taking care of one another.

Latest Release
High Tides (2019)

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