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Tracy + the Plastics

Wynne Greenwood is a video artist and song-maker who also often brings those things together with objects, installation, and performance. Her practice grows from making dialogues with versions of self and the worlds those versions live in/are of.


From 1999 – 2006, Wynne performed as Tracy + the Plastics, a project about queer self-making. As Tracy, Greenwood took the forms of all three band members, live on stage and in prerecorded video projections. She sang live as Tracy while interacting with the other band members (Greenwood as Nikki, the keyboard player, and Cola, the drummer) on the video screen behind her. Taking the stage as part video, part live performance, Tracy + the Plastics blurred distinctions between high art and pop music.


In 2021, Cruisin was elated to reissue the entire discography of Tracy + the Plastics. “Tracy + the Plastics was a life-altering project for me. With this project, I made a world. And through that world, I found art making as self-making, queer networks, and underground economy. I imagined and practiced different ways of living and making art. As I celebrate and share these records, I also honor these ways of art-making that I learned from the communities Tracy + the Plastics was, and is, part of,” Wynne Greenwood commented.

Latest Release
Full Tracy + the Plastics Discography (2021)

Music + Merch

Culture for Pigeon (2004)
Album – Vinyl + Digital

Forever Sucks (2002)
EP – CD + Digital

Muscler’s Guide to Videonics (2001)
EP – CD + Digital

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